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Stop Using Powerpoint At Your Events!

 31 August 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Here’s a fun article on by the EventMB editorial team on things we don’t need anymore at events. Times are changing and so should our habits. Here are a few things eventprofs are still using at events… but shouldn’t. Don’t blame it on us if we want to have some fun. Changes are happening […]

Strategies For Creating Better Event Interview Videos

 31 August 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Case studies are critical to the sales process. A typical client or prospect case study has three key components: a problem, a solution, and a benefit. If you’re unable to secure a client case study or you don’t obtain this information during a case study, ask a client directly to speak to the problems that […]

August 2016 Producer Spotlight: Caroline Harrison of The Hive Studios

 30 August 2016        Producer Spotlight    0 Comment

It takes a network of dedicated creative professionals to serve our clients. MediaMobz is very proud that Caroline Harrison  of  The Hive Studios is a member of our global network of creatives who work the magic and have earned the trust of our clients. “We are a video production company in San Francisco striving to inspire positive […]

How To Capitalize On The Pokemon Go Craze To Enhance Your Events

 24 August 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Here’s another great article on by author Nick Borelli, on how to capitalizes on the Pokemon Go craze to benefit your events. The latest gaming craze of Pokemon Go can teach event planners a lot of about what attendees want from the blending of digital and live experiences. I think I have the recipe […]

How to Get The Most Out of Your Live Event Videos

 24 August 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Event interview videos offer a powerful return on investment for virtually any type of event. Well executed interviews heighten audience engagement, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost search results. Planning the stories you want to emanate from your event and choosing the proper event attendees to contribute to these stories ensures you’ll get the video interviews […]

How To Create Irresistible Social Media Contests

 17 August 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Here’s a great article on by author KiKi L’Italien, that shows how you can create fun and engaging social media contests that will help energize your brand’s marketing effort. Social Media contests seem like a surefire success engine for greater engagement and sharing. The truth is, like most things, it’s more complicated than that. […]

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