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Event Video Marketing Strategies: After The Event

 25 May 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Using video before, during, and following events helps event organizers, attendees, and sponsors get more return on their investment. Building energy, excitement, and inspiration around the event spurs attendees and sponsors to sign up and then return year after year as well as share their experiences with others. Video is critical to building a high […]

View Counts are for Amateurs by Guest Author, David Spark

 23 May 2016        Tutorials & Tips, Video Marketing    0 Comment

We had the great pleasure of recently meeting David Spark at Exhibit & Event Marketers Association’s Red Diamond Congress 2016. David’s views around the use of video, specifically around events resonated loudly with us here at MediaMobz and so we thought we would introduce David and his writings here and now. For most of us, […]

Event Video Marketing Ideas: During The Event

 18 May 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

A high energy level builds excitement and inspiration, driving people to attend an event, return year after year, and share their experiences with others. Using video during the event itself is an excellent way to maintain a high energy level for the duration of the event. The following event video marketing ideas will help you […]

Event Video Marketing Tips: Before The Event

 11 May 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

In the event world, energy drives success. Excitement and inspiration spur people to attend and then return to events year after year, and to share their experiences with others. Incorporating video into your event video marketing is a key element of cultivating this energy. Regardless of the size and scope of your event, the attendees […]

April 2016 Producer Spotlight: Satva Leung

 5 May 2016        Producer Spotlight    0 Comment

It takes a network of dedicated creative professionals to serve our clients. MediaMobz is very proud that Satva Leung is a member of our global network of creatives who works the magic and has earned the trust of our clients. “I am a local Bay Area video producer with over 12 years of experience in video […]

Creating Local Content In Your Global Footprint

 4 May 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

The Internet has made it possible for a global audience to purchase products and services from virtually any company. In theory, any business in any part of the world can become an international business. As long as you’re reaching people who speak the same language as you do and you’re really good at what you […]

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