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best practices for shooting live video at events

Best Practices For Shooting Live Video At Events

Once you’ve mastered video content like webinars, product demonstrations and explainer videos, you might be inspired to take a step further and try streaming a live event. There are many challeng

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Setting up your own video production facility

Setting Up Your Own Video Production Facility? Here’s What You Need To Know…

It’s no secret that video content is one of the most important items in your online marketing tool kit, but your wallet might be feeling the sting of production costs. Outsourcing your content ma

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Racing Extinction

I had the privilege to see a private screening of the upcoming film from Louie Psihoyos called Racing Extinction.  The were a hand full of us, includi

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Video SEO 101 – What You Need To Do To Ensure Your Videos Get Ranked

If you’ve taken the advice of online marketing pros and made video a part of your inbound advertising scheme, you’re well on your way to generating more leads and converting sales. However, the

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Bald Spots, Cleavage and Public Safety?

Yes, I will attempt to tie together these 3 topics and find myself filled with the urge to have a bit of a rant. Having spent most of my career in Hollywood I salute my former industry for s

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Freedom of Speech

This week we all were disrupted by a small group of extremists that were not pleased with someone expressing a view they disagreed with. We have sent a request to hear from you about what your view

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