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Does Instagram Fit Into Your Event Marketing Strategy?

 20 July 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Here’s another great read on that shows you the best way to use Instagram for your events and the pitfalls to avoid. Does this fit into your event marketing strategy? Instagram, at it’s core, found success from users being able to share their perspectives primarily through photos (later videos as well). These perspectives originally […]

Use Video To Design A Personal Experience That Lives Beyond The Venue Door

 20 July 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

The central focus of any event is connecting with like minded individuals. From planning an informal lunch for prospective clients to organizing a charity gala intended to raise thousands of dollars, you must take your audience into consideration as you plan the event. Making the experience personal for the attendees ensures they’ll be able to […]

How To Use Facebook Bluetooth Beacons To Captivate Your Event Audience

 13 July 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

This great read on highlights the latest in event technology that can assist in captivating your event attendees by using Facebook Bluetooth Beacons. What is a Facebook Bluetooth Beacon? Facebook launched Bluetooth Beacons in January 2015 to support the Place Tips feature. Place Tips can work without a beacon, using cell tower, WiFi and GPS location […]

June 2016 Producer Spotlight: Michael Sweeney

 13 July 2016        Producer Spotlight    0 Comment

It takes a network of dedicated creative professionals to serve our clients. MediaMobz is very proud that Michael Sweeney is a member of our global network of creatives who works the magic and has earned the trust of our clients. “I have done everything from commercial video, films, documentaries, music videos, and promotional live event […]

How To Use Video To Generate Excitement For Your Event

 13 July 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Video is the preferred communication style today for the majority of the tech-savvy event attendance population. Before reading any text on a website, 60% of the site’s visitors will watch a video if it’s available. As such, it’s not surprising that video content is one of the top driving forces behind inbound marketing. Capturing video […]

How To Use Snapchat For Your Events

 6 July 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

I was reading this article on the website and written by by Staci Wuokko who writes about how organizations can use Snapchat to connect with a community. Snapchat has been especially successful at capturing younger users, particularly in the 12 to 34 age range. With Americans between 25 and 34 representing 27% of Snapchat’s US user base, Cathy […]

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