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San Francisco Giants

Long-tail Video Content and The Style With Which The Giants Play Baseball

Fans of baseball are familiar with all of the traditional elements of the game they love: the crack of the bat, the smell of roasted peanuts in the stands, the windup delivery of pitchers attemptin

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audience targeting with videos

Producing Videos That Aid Audience Targeting Ambitions

Producing videos that aid audience targeting ambitions may seem like a complex notion. However, once you get the hang of the concept, it will become fairly intuitive. Google AdWords for video enabl

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St. Louis Cardinals

Long-tail Video Content and The Style With Which The Cardinals Play Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the oldest and most successful baseball teams in Major League Baseball. They have won eleven World Series titles, the second-most out of any other team in the lea

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digital omnivore

Are You Ready for Digital-Omnivore Customers?

“Digital-omnivore” is a new term used for the consumer population that moves seamlessly between smartphones, laptops, and tablets to consume digital content. Many people even use multiple devic

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feeding the content marketing beast

Feeding the Content Marketing Beast

Consumers require specific types of information at different stages of the sales cycle. The process of creating regular content that fits each stage can be overwhelming. Many companies outsource al

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content customer journey

Content Throughout The Customer Journey

Once upon a time the sole focus of content marketing was raising awareness for the consumer about the newest and best products. Now content must spur engagement, offer assurance, and provide knowle

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