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April 2016 Producer Spotlight: Satva Leung

 5 May 2016        Producer Spotlight    0 Comment

It takes a network of dedicated creative professionals to serve our clients. MediaMobz is very proud that Satva Leung is a member of our global network of creatives who works the magic and has earned the trust of our clients. “I am a local Bay Area video producer with over 12 years of experience in video […]

Creating Local Content In Your Global Footprint

 4 May 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

The Internet has made it possible for a global audience to purchase products and services from virtually any company. In theory, any business in any part of the world can become an international business. As long as you’re reaching people who speak the same language as you do and you’re really good at what you […]

How To Bring Brand Personality Into Your Customer Touch Points

 27 April 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Just like people, businesses have personalities. Whether or not you’ve intentionally created a personality for your company, you have one. This concept is referred to as “brand personality.” The world’s most successful brands know how to shape their brand character to appeal to the proper target audience. Showcasing this brand that you’ve worked so hard […]

How to Use Video Collaboration to Your Advantage

 20 April 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Content collaboration helps a business achieve breakthroughs on every level of the organization from conducting better meetings to cultivating a stronger brand. Video collaboration should be an integral part of a large content collaboration initiative. The following details how to use video collaboration to your advantage so you and your employees can make the most […]

Pros and Cons of Crowd Sourcing Video

 13 April 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Churning out a steady stream of new, high quality video content is challenging. Many marketers turn to crowdsourcing to gather ideas and generate content. Thanks to social media platforms, it has never been easier to crowdsource. While the process is fairly straightforward, not going about it properly may result in a lot of wasted time […]

The Evolution of Video Marketing

 6 April 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

As technology progresses, video becomes an increasingly popular form of online content. In the Internet’s early days, connection speeds weren’t high enough to make video content viable. Downloading a single clip would take hours. Now, however, we can watch an entire TV series on Netflix in Hi-Def, and have it load in the blink of […]

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