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Instagram Video Success for Events

 29 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

I was reading this article on the Event Manager blog and would very much want to share an article by Nick Borelli. With Instagram’s user base on the rise, here are a few ways you can use event videos on Instagram to enhance your event experience. Instagram, at it’s core, found success from users being […]

How To Use Video To Enhance Your Event Experience

 29 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

We live in a digital age in which most people are saturated with digital tools and digital content. Attending a conference or other professional event is a great way for people to mix up their routine and foster in-person relationships. Video enhances the event experience, helping create lasting memories that will stick with attendees for […]

Are Social Media Metrics A Reliable Pulse Indicator For Your Event?

 22 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

I was reading this article on the IMEX website and would very much want to share an article by Teresa A.Sánchez-Ostiz. IMEX, an industry leader in trade show that attracts thousands of professionals from the U.S. and internationally for business opportunities, networking and education, shows us how they use social media to gain real time […]

How To Promote Event Attendee Generated Video Content For Your Events

 22 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Promoting and encouraging event attendee generated video content (EAGVC) increases exposure for your event while building trust and community1 and making the event a little more fun for everyone involved. From creating an on-site photo and video booth to running a social media contest, there are a wide range of simple, cost effective ways to […]

Video Creation and Strategy for Today’s Modern Content Marketer

 21 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

I was pleased to join a distinguished list of panelists for our webinar about video creation and strategy for today’s modern content marketer. Video is an absolute requirement for today’s audiences. When developing your content marketing strategy, compelling, well-crafted video content can act as the centerpiece of your campaign. It drives action, elicits emotion and […]

How Event Technologies Offer New Event Marketing Opportunities by Kerry Creaswood

 15 June 2016        Video Marketing    0 Comment

I was reading Event Manager blog and very much want to share an article by Kerry Creaswood. There is no denying that major changes have been happening in event marketing in the past few years. Many of the changes have been driven by technological advances within the industry. Other changes have been driven by shifts in what […]

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