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Lighting Tutorial For Talking Head Interview

 15 May 2012        Production Gear, Tutorials & Tips, Video Production    0 Comment

Here is a nice lighting tutorial by Eve Hazelton on lighting a talking head style interview.  

NAB | 2.5K for 3K

 17 April 2012        Production Gear, Video Industry News, Video Production    0 Comment

NAB is going down now and Fresh DV is providing some great coverage. Here is a new BlackMagic 2.5K camera for $3000. Pretty impressive with 13 stops of dynamic range. FreshDV NAB 2012 – BlackmagicDesign from FreshDV on Vimeo.

Affordable Set of Prime Lenses

 15 March 2012        Production Gear, Tutorials & Tips, Video Production    0 Comment

Old Nikon Nikkor lenses are still a great and affordable option for a set of prime lenses. Caleb from gives a full breakdown in the video below of the different types of Nikkor lenses, how to adapt to Canon cameras, and even the best spots online to buy them.  

Import FCP 7 projects to FCP X

 14 February 2012        Video Production    0 Comment

This company has just released an application that allows editors to import in Final Cut Pro 7 projects to FCP X using the XML file structure. Apple received a ton of negative press for not releasing this feature within the new FCP X and I am still confused as to why Apple has not created […]

Final Cut Pro X releases 10.0.3 update

 6 February 2012        Video Production    0 Comment

Apple releases some nice new updates for FCP X including multicam support, enhanced chroma keying, and media relinking upgrades, as well as improved XML support. Click here for the update.

Nikon D4

 30 January 2012        Production Gear    0 Comment

So Nikon has finally decided to step up its game after being left in the dust in terms of video capabilities by rivals Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. With the Nikon D4 we are finally free of nasty moire and aliasing that we all despise from DSLR video. Nikon was also nice enough to provide us […]

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