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Audience Lost Its Will To Live? Tease Them With Webinar Shorts

 11 February 2015        MEDIAmobz Production, Video Marketing, Video Production    0 Comment

A webinar is an effective tool as part of your online marketing strategy, as it conveys information your prospects care about and demonstrates your expertise in your industry when properly done. However, there are certain advantages to doing a shorter version of a webinar as a “teaser” to get the attention of your potential customers. […]

Best Practices For Shooting Live Video At Events

 28 January 2015        MEDIAmobz Production, Video Marketing, Video Production    1 Comment

Once you’ve mastered video content like webinars, product demonstrations and explainer videos, you might be inspired to take a step further and try streaming a live event. There are many challenges you’ll face if you’ve never done live video before, but it’s an entirely achievable goal if you set yourself up for success. You already […]

How To Get a Camera-shy Executive to Give It Up on Camera

MediaMobz is kicking off our Production Tip series this month by bringing you tips from video professionals around the world. Our first question and answer comes from MediaMobz producer Pablo Sanchez: How To Get a Camera-shy Executive to Give It Up on Camera? Capturing the best stories on camera often requires your subject to be […]

All About Timelapses

 9 April 2013        MEDIAmobz Production, Product News, Production Gear, Social Video    0 Comment

Time-lapse photography is an interesting technique that records a particular scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed. In general, the easiest way to achieve a timelapse is to position a camera stationary on a perspective that changes slowly (e.g. clouds, beaches, cityscapes, […]

1st Ever Producer Appreciation Event

On March 14th, 2013 MEDIAmobz and UrbanReel teamed up to host their first-ever Producer Appreciation Day.  We were joined at Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco by the warm and wonderful creative people who underpin our platform and value proposition. The producer appreciation night was fun, well attended and offered us the opportunity to benefit from our producers’ […]

MEDIAmobz 2012 Year In Review

 8 January 2013        MediaMobz News, MEDIAmobz Production    0 Comment

It’s time to celebrate what has been a very exciting journey and prepare for an even better one in 2013. The demand for customized digital media is exploding. We set out to help our clients streamline the creation of digital media. Having the ability to create content that is focused on what your customers would benefit from is […]

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