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Color Correcting in Post-Production

 3 July 2013        Production Gear, Video Production    0 Comment

Make your videos more polished in post-production with the help of color correction and color grading! Mastering this craft isn’t easy, however here are some videos to help guide you on your path to becoming a more proficient color corrector in the Adobe Creative Suite. Check them out!

Useful Cinematography Apps

 28 June 2013        Production Gear, Video Production    0 Comment

Add production value to your project with useful cinematography apps for your iPhone or iPad! When on a shoot, using some apps to aid your production process can go a long way. Apps such as iMovie, Storyboard Composer, iPad DSLR Slate App, and Helios Sun Calculator are excellent tools to help to give a filmmaker […]

NAB 2013 Recap: Innovation, Content Consumption & Collaboration

 23 April 2013        Product News, Production Gear, Video Industry News, Video Production    0 Comment

NAB is one of the largest annual conferences for the media, film, and entertainment industry. As the lines between still and motion photography continuously overlap, some of the tech from this year’s conference is likely to find its way onto your Christmas list. Some of the standouts this year include the MōVI handheld stabilizing gimbal, and advanced […]

All About Timelapses

 9 April 2013        MEDIAmobz Production, Product News, Production Gear, Social Video    0 Comment

Time-lapse photography is an interesting technique that records a particular scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed. In general, the easiest way to achieve a timelapse is to position a camera stationary on a perspective that changes slowly (e.g. clouds, beaches, cityscapes, […]

Lighting Tutorial For Talking Head Interview

 15 May 2012        Production Gear, Tutorials & Tips, Video Production    0 Comment

Here is a nice lighting tutorial by Eve Hazelton on lighting a talking head style interview.  

NAB | 2.5K for 3K

 17 April 2012        Production Gear, Video Industry News, Video Production    0 Comment

NAB is going down now and Fresh DV is providing some great coverage. Here is a new BlackMagic 2.5K camera for $3000. Pretty impressive with 13 stops of dynamic range. FreshDV NAB 2012 – BlackmagicDesign from FreshDV on Vimeo.

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