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Rethinking Video for Marketers

 6 June 2017        Social Video, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Most video is one-sided. Companies demand the attention of their audience and try to sell a product. Attention isn’t free, what are you doing to earn customer attention?  Being the 100th android phone manufacturer to enter the market, and proceeding to output yet another video on the many features of the phone–will not cut it. […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016!

 5 February 2016        Social Video    0 Comment

And to all a very happy lunar new year wish. During my life and career I have enjoyed the great privilege of traveling the world for both business and pleasure, and that extensive travel provided numerous opportunities to be in country during Chinese New Year. I have been very fortunate to have viewed the first […]

CES 2016 Trends and Insights

 13 January 2016        MediaMobz News, Social Video, Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

We journeyed to CES 2016 to update ourselves on technology trends, meet some very interesting people and stress test the beta version of our upcoming product, VideoShare that was built with customer input and the goal of creating real-time content. How’d we do? CES 2016 “Well, 2016’s an exciting time at CES. There’s autonomous cars. […]

B-Roll Footage for Good

 7 January 2016        Social Video    0 Comment

As many of you are aware and whenever possible, MediaMobz attempts to lend assistance to causes that advance the human condition and this appeal on behalf of Stanford University’s EteRNA project is one of those great opportunities. We’re requesting on behalf of EteRNA your help in producing a video that will be used to launch […]

A Video of Cleese on the World and Creativity

 10 September 2015        MediaMobz News, Social Video    0 Comment

Some of my favorite content when I was growing up and some of my favorite content and even my bar for great content now was conceived, written and produced by Monty Python. And my favorite member of that very clever and creative troupe is John Cleese. And there he was last night on stage at […]

Social Voice: Where To Draw The Line on Humor

 6 May 2015        Social Video, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Creating content on a frequent and consistent basis is central to inbound marketing, but all of us suffer from writer’s block at one time or another. When you’ve run out of ideas to develop material that will engage your target audience, comedy might not be the first concept you consider. After all, it may be […]

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