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Learn From a Master Storyteller @2pm Today!

 15 May 2017        Uncategorized    0 Comment

Learn From a Master Storyteller Today! Brian Solis in partnership with DNA (Digital Narrative Alliance) will be hosting a hour webinar on May 15th (today!) at 2:00pm PST . You can follow the link here to the narrative website to register and learn more. Brian is the author of,  “X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design”  a widely popular work […]

Acquiring Transcripts and Captions

 27 January 2016        Uncategorized, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Now that you know what you need in order to caption and transcribe your videos well, the question is, how do you do that? On the surface, it seems like a bit of a difficult process. Especially when you consider that the key to success with any marketing content is frequency and volume. If you’re […]

What Makes Good Captions?

 20 January 2016        Uncategorized, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Now that you understand the value of captions for your company’s SEO and SEM, let’s take a look at what good captioning is, and what you can do to get it. We’ve all seen movies and videos with captions or subtitles badly translated from another language, or transcripts that have been misheard by the transcriber, […]

Transcripts and Captions to Meet Government Mandates

 13 January 2016        Uncategorized, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Not only are captions and transcripts helpful to your viewers and often necessary to their understanding of your content, they’re also, in some cases, legally mandated. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, failure to provide accurate, easily accessible captions in certain situations is discriminating against the deaf and hard of hearing, by not providing […]

Ways that Transcripts and Captions Improve Understanding

 6 January 2016        Uncategorized, Video Marketing    0 Comment

So, even if you’re not hard of hearing, captions and transcripts can improve your understanding of a video if it has low sound quality, or if the subject mumbles, or is otherwise hard to understand. But aren’t those just symptoms of poor video making? Shouldn’t you work to make sure that your video IS easy […]

The Impact of Transcripts and Captions on SEM

 23 December 2015        Uncategorized, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Do captions and transcripts actually help to improve your overall marketing success? Studies say yes. In general, video content that includes transcripts and/or captions sees more audience engagement than content that doesn’t. And in fact, companies that added captions to their existing video content saw an immediate increase in engagement for that content, by over […]

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