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How To Begin Your Video Presentation

 20 September 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Your video presentation should captivate your audience if you are to inspire them to take action, be it use a coupon, order an item, sign up for your email list, visit your blog, etc. The content should resonate well with the audience and “speak” to their inner needs or spark their curiosity. Before starting any […]

Beginners Guide To Event Video Production

 13 September 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Today, your content strategy will be incomplete if it doesn’t include video. With video, you can drive traffic to your offers, improve your website SEO and engage your audience. If you want to dabble into event video production, remember one thing: content beats quality. You do not need the best equipment to produce great video […]

How to Reuse Video Content for Optimal Impact

 6 September 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Updating and repurposing your marketing assets is one of the activities you should be doing. For videos, most businesses tend to blame the content when they fail to reach their goals with them. When your video is not performing well, it’s time to repurpose and distribute it to other platforms. The work is tedious but worth […]

How to Produce Event Videos with Different Distribution Channels in Mind

 30 August 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

You have created that incredible video, uploaded it on your YouTube page and encouraged your internal teams to share it. But why are the views just 76? More importantly, why is there no engagement on the video apart from a comment from Sam, the social media marketing intern? Event videos can be great for reaching […]

Ultimate Brand Guide to Live-Streaming on Youtube

 23 August 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Google has embraced live streaming video for mobiles. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that you can record a video from your desktop or Internet-enabled device and present it to your target audience in real-time on YouTube. It doesn’t matter where your viewers are when you hit the ‘record’ button because with […]

Things You Should Know Before Producing Your Product Video

 16 August 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about being a business owner is the fact that you will be able to present your very own products to the world. Thanks to the power of the Internet, promoting your products to a target market is easier than ever. From driving conversions to building brand awareness and […]

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