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Reusing Video the Right Way

The interconnected space we call the internet is a congregation of people browsing and creating; They browse and create at different times, in different moods, and within different conditions. As such, we must be cognizant of the time-incidence of our content. When we share our content determines who will see it and engage with it. […]

Audience Lost Its Will To Live? Tease Them With Webinar Shorts

 11 February 2015        MEDIAmobz Production, Video Marketing, Video Production    0 Comment

A webinar is an effective tool as part of your online marketing strategy, as it conveys information your prospects care about and demonstrates your expertise in your industry when properly done. However, there are certain advantages to doing a shorter version of a webinar as a “teaser” to get the attention of your potential customers. […]

Best Practices For Shooting Live Video At Events

 28 January 2015        MEDIAmobz Production, Video Marketing, Video Production    1 Comment

Once you’ve mastered video content like webinars, product demonstrations and explainer videos, you might be inspired to take a step further and try streaming a live event. There are many challenges you’ll face if you’ve never done live video before, but it’s an entirely achievable goal if you set yourself up for success. You already […]

Setting Up Your Own Video Production Facility? Here’s What You Need To Know…

 21 January 2015        Video Marketing, Video Production    0 Comment

It’s no secret that video content is one of the most important items in your online marketing tool kit, but your wallet might be feeling the sting of production costs. Outsourcing your content marketing is always more expensive than bringing things in-house, but setting up your own video production facility can seem overwhelming. Here’s what […]

Racing Extinction

I had the privilege to see a private screening of the upcoming film from Louie Psihoyos called Racing Extinction.  The were a hand full of us, including Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead at Skywalker Ranch.  We got a tour and learned about the technology that has helped advance their ability to create sound for […]

Long-tail Video Content and The Style With Which The Cardinals Play Baseball

 21 October 2014        Video Production    0 Comment

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the oldest and most successful baseball teams in Major League Baseball. They have won eleven World Series titles, the second-most out of any other team in the league today. In the past decade, the Cardinals have won the World Series twice and have won the NL pennant four […]

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