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How To Get a Camera-shy Executive to Give It Up on Camera

MediaMobz is kicking off our Production Tip series this month by bringing you tips from video professionals around the world. Our first question and answer comes from MediaMobz producer Pablo Sanchez: How To Get a Camera-shy Executive to Give It Up on Camera? Capturing the best stories on camera often requires your subject to be […]

Ahead or Behind The Video Game: How Much Video Fortune 500 Companies Produce

 31 July 2013        Video Marketing, Video Production    0 Comment

Producing even a few videos can seem like a big feat with the time commitment and difficulties associated. Yet however much you’re producing, chances are your competitors are producing more. Take a look at the nation’s most successful companies: according to MEDIAmobz‘s March 31 2013 survey, 21% of Fortune 500 companies feature a video on […]

Color Correcting in Post-Production

 3 July 2013        Production Gear, Video Production    0 Comment

Make your videos more polished in post-production with the help of color correction and color grading! Mastering this craft isn’t easy, however here are some videos to help guide you on your path to becoming a more proficient color corrector in the Adobe Creative Suite. Check them out!

Useful Cinematography Apps

 28 June 2013        Production Gear, Video Production    0 Comment

Add production value to your project with useful cinematography apps for your iPhone or iPad! When on a shoot, using some apps to aid your production process can go a long way. Apps such as iMovie, Storyboard Composer, iPad DSLR Slate App, and Helios Sun Calculator are excellent tools to help to give a filmmaker […]

Shooting in Cinematic Fashion

 25 June 2013        Tutorials & Tips, Video Production    0 Comment

Producing beautiful shots,  which creates a stunning cinematic effect while drawing a primary focus on your subject, is an essential skill-set for successful cinematographers. These two videos combine to give a better understanding of how to achieve a shallow depth of field in your videos – increasing your production value and filmic look.

6 Ways to Use Online Video for B2B Event Marketing

 1 May 2013        Social Video, Video Marketing, Video Production    0 Comment

Using online video for B2B event marketing can be extremely effective; both Internet users as a whole and executives have been shown to watch, and be influenced by, significant amounts of online video. Moreover, video-watching is not just limited to leisure; many executives watch videos for work-related reasons. Let’s explore 6 ways to use online […]

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