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CES 2016 Trends and Insights

 13 January 2016        MediaMobz News, Social Video, Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

We journeyed to CES 2016 to update ourselves on technology trends, meet some very interesting people and stress test the beta version of our upcoming product, VideoShare that was built with customer input and the goal of creating real-time content. How’d we do? CES 2016 “Well, 2016’s an exciting time at CES. There’s autonomous cars. […]

[EVENT] Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity – NOV 19, 2015 @ Stanford University

 11 November 2015        MediaMobz News, Press, Video Industry News    0 Comment

Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity is a celebration of crowd-sourcing, citizen science, learning at scale and smart workspaces. Presentations will describe insights and opportunities for emerging platforms in education, wellness, knowledge worker productivity, and entertainment. Topics will highlight open source, collective intelligence and other technologies for data collection, sharing, and collaboration. Discussions will reveal key […]

Racing Extinction

I had the privilege to see a private screening of the upcoming film from Louie Psihoyos called Racing Extinction.  The were a hand full of us, including Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead at Skywalker Ranch.  We got a tour and learned about the technology that has helped advance their ability to create sound for […]

Bald Spots, Cleavage and Public Safety?

 14 January 2015        Video Industry News    0 Comment

Yes, I will attempt to tie together these 3 topics and find myself filled with the urge to have a bit of a rant. Having spent most of my career in Hollywood I salute my former industry for sorting out FAA exceptions to operate drones on movie sets and now, most recently, to cover bald […]

[New Webinar Announcement] Learn How Companies Like Michelin, Red Bull and Domino’s Execute Content Strategies That Made Millions in Revenue

Learn how companies like Michelin, Red Bull and Domino’s executed smart content marketing strategies that transformed their customer journey, yielding millions in revenue– and content equity. We invite you to register for our September Webinar “Michelin to Red Bull: Making Millions With Content” featuring Aptara’s Chief Innovation Officer, Pavan Arora, and Eric Thompson, VP of Business Development, MediaMobz.  […]

Demystifying Video Strategy for Business

 26 March 2014        MediaMobz News, Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

Video is simultaneously the most daunting and powerful communications medium for businesses. When used strategically, video attracts higher quality leads, shortens sales cycles, onboards employees quickly and trains customers effectively. We assembled three experts who will demystify video strategy and explain how you go from planning and creating video content to integrating your video where […]

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