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5 Ways to Dominate Your Competitors Through Content Marketing

 21 May 2013        Social Video, Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

The market for content marketing remains wide open; but the freedom and opportunity it affords means that you will have plenty of competitors in the market as well. To succeed, you need some solid strategies that will set you apart from your competition. Here are 5 ways to dominate your competitors through content marketing: 1. […]

NAB 2013 Recap: Innovation, Content Consumption & Collaboration

 23 April 2013        Product News, Production Gear, Video Industry News, Video Production    0 Comment

NAB is one of the largest annual conferences for the media, film, and entertainment industry. As the lines between still and motion photography continuously overlap, some of the tech from this year’s conference is likely to find its way onto your Christmas list. Some of the standouts this year include the MōVI handheld stabilizing gimbal, and advanced […]

5 Important Shifts in Media & Technology

 11 April 2013        Social Video, Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

We’re a third of the way into our decade now and you could be excused for calling it the tweens. The first decade of the 21st century brought some pretty amazing innovations in digital media, such as the iPhone and its attendant world of apps, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and utility computing […]

The 10 Rules of Succesful Content Marketing

 25 February 2013        Uncategorized, Video Industry News    1 Comment

The web has fundamentally changed the way we research topics we are interested in and how we solve problems and gaps in our knowledge. Your target audience is engaging with you directly much later in the sales cycle. You must seek to influence their understanding via content marketing. Here are g2m Solutions rules of successful […]

Marketer’s Struggle to Produce More Content

 22 January 2013        Video Industry News, Video Marketing    0 Comment

When the Internet burst on the scene in the mid-1990s, some observers predicted it would greatly diminish the demand for content, particularly the written word. That prediction now ranks right up there with flying cars and robot assistants. In reality, the emergence of a truly digital business environment has fueled huge demand for content—blogs, videos, […]

Whiteboard Videos – 6 Reasons Why

 6 December 2012        Video Industry News, Video Marketing    1 Comment

A common misconception about video production is that it’s too expensive. However, for the cost, a video is one of the absolute best pieces of marketing material you can create for your business. According to Google: Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average […]

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