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Bids, job details and alerts

by MEDIAmobz MPS  24 July 2008


If you haven’t posted a job or placed a bid on MediaMobz lately, you’re going to be impressed by the improvements we’ve just made to the site.

  • The new auction activity page consolidates all auction activity in a clear, easy-to-use interface (partial screenshot above).
  • Bidding competition is clearly laid out, and information is neatly summarized for the buyer to review and for producers to know who else is bidding — and how much.
  • We’ve added a Recommended Producers feature that automatically matches producers to a job auction. This is particularly helpful to buyers and to qualified, active producers on the site.
    • – Recommended Producers looks at key details, such as skills, prior work on MediaMobz and site activity, to help match producers.

      – Producers: You should spruce up your profiles and stay active on the site to help improve your rankings.

  • Our alerts system has been vastly expanded, so producers and buyers can keep up to date on the status of auctions.

All of these enhancements and new features are part of our ongoing site redesign. Look for more changes to come.

We’d like to hear from you! What’s working for you or not working for you on MediaMobz? How can we make the site more useful to you? Please leave your feedback in the comments section here.

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