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Burning Man 2012 – “Into the Desert”

by Rachel Toole  12 September 2012

“I had the pleasure of participating in Burning Man 2012. As our part in digital media story telling we turned around a highlight reel in less than 24 hours after the event was over. As it was very dusty and not a good environment for a good quality camera I was forced to use my iPhone. I uploaded the content to a media library on the MEDIAmobz platform. Hubert Lamela grabbed my video clips added some additional b-roll and music to fill the story out. He reviewed the roughs with several of us in the screening room in order to confirm it met our needs. It now is being passed around in social circles for those that went or were just curious. There are several stories that will come out of the experience that will be told by grabbing clips of our collective library of content. This streamlines the process, saving time a providing rapid turn around for fresh content.” – Dave Toole, CEO of MEDIAmobz

Do you have a story from this year’s Burning Man? Please email us at info@mediamobz.com as we would love to hear about it! For more stories from Burning Man 2012 visit: http://demos.mobzxpress.com/burningman-episode-one.

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