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December 2010 Newsletter

by MEDIAmobz MPS  16 December 2010

MEDIAmobz announces a new service to provide marketing and communications professionals the ability to easily create a series of professionally produced videos to get your message out. The next 30 days we will offer a 20% discount to those that sign up for the new subscription service. Click here to sign up and enter “December Special” in the how did you hear about us field.

Enterprise Starter Subscription

Monthly Cost $1500 for 12 months

Subscription Includes:

1. Assessment of your video strategy and an action plan to help increase viewership of your video communications

2. 10 linear minutes of customized video, think of new product launches, leadership videos, testimonials and more. These would typically turn into 3, 2-3 minute videos.

3. A video content library of your video assets that can be used for additional content in the future.

4. A set of cloud based production tools to help you collaborate with the producer and make sure your expectations are being met.

5. SEO optimization for each of the video units

6. Distribution to video sites.

7. Copies of your content for you to use wherever you want, your web site, YouTube, shared with others in your organization.

MEDIAmobz has helped save time and money in bringing video messaging to businesses, from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized businesses.

Here are some example video units:


Company: Radar Global

Produced By: Kees Van Es


Company: Truth On Call

Produced By: Mediamobz | Tommy Maples


Company: By All Accounts

Produced By Mediamobz | John Dalpe

The Harvard Business Review’s latest issue is all about “Social Media Branding.” One of the articles is about the “Ringmaster,” the person responsible for organizing and publishing the most relevant content to get the company’s message out.

Click here to read the full article.

In the future the will be the Executive Producer of the business media network. This will be where the organization goes for their “Shout out” about what is going on in the business that their clients would be most interested in engaging with. Our new services are targeted at helping to save time and money and make it easier to execute to the companies marketing and communications priorities. As more content is being funded for on line campaigns this simplifies what it takes to get it done. One recent campaign had over 160 pieces of content for a new product release. Do you have a system in place to make this happen? We can help you.


In the last couple months Mediamobz has been working closely with the University Of Texas Austin and the USDA to create a series of PSA’s that promote student nutrition.


Pan Communications out of Boston has hired Mediamobz to produce a series of videos tackling the topic of Social Media and the best ways for companies to integrate it in to there existing marketing campaigns. They used the video in a press release which showed an 80% improvement of views compared to previous press releases.


The Advertising Age top 10 viral video charts of 2010 so far:

1. TAC Campaign 20 Year Anniversary Video

Transport Accident Commission | Grey

Views: 9,466,529

2. Evian Roller Babies US

Evian | BETC Euro RSCG

Views: 13,952,062

3. Clean Your Balls

Axe | BBH | Mindshare | Razorfish

Views: 4,517,189

4. Gymkhana Three

DC Shoes | In-House

Views: 2,023,897

5. YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Hyundai & Youtube

Views: 2,308,452

6. Will It Blend?

Blendtec | In-House

Views: 518,184

7. LeBron Rise

Nike | Wieden + Kennedy

Views: 4,495,824

8. Responses

Old Spice | Wieden + Kennedy

Views: 5,206,580

9. Demo Slam


Views: 153,905

10. The Cup Size Choir

La Senza | Karmarama

Views: 387,660

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