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Digital Hollywood

by MobzPit  8 May 2008

Digital Hollywood

Just thought I would pass on some reflections from this week’s Digital Hollywood conference.

There was a lot of talk about content. Content for cable, broadband, mobile and integrated media. Lots of talk about chunking and remixing and creating media experiences with video and beyond.

JD Lasica (of Bid4Vid) was on a panel led by Ted Cohen on “Personalized Media Platforms – Widgets, User Generated Media, News, Music & Blogs.” The panel discussion led by Ted engaged the audience and resulted in a good discussion about relevance and personalization of media and where the boundaries fall between personalization and privacy.

I attended a dinner hosted by Tim Chang from Norwest Venture Partners that included a panel discussion with Chuck D, Damon Wayans and Linkin Park’s manager. The discussion centered on compelling content that engages the audience from a live event to an onine experience, one that’s fresh and can be found in many different environments.

Some of the other discussion during the conference touched on: the end of portals, how media must be portable and how it should be targeted to those who care the most. We’re getting saturated with social networks, and new successful social networks will focus on a niche or a segment, but then you’ll have less of a chance to monetize with advertising. Hmmmm. If anyone out there has any insights, please share them below.

JD adds: This is my third or fourth Digital Hollywood, and what’s striking is how the mindset has changed over the past few years, from an attitude of “We’re Hollywood, we’re the ones who make media, prostrate yourselves before us” to a newfound recognition that the Internet and digital media present not just a threat to existing business models but an opportunity to deliver high-value video to both large and niche audiences, cheaply, effectively and without the hassles of traditional distribution networks.

I interviewed a few participants on video and will be posting the interviews here in the coming days.

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