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How do big companies keep up with the +Red Bull’s? MEDIAmobz has one answer

by Rachel Toole  28 November 2011

Robert Scoble of Rackspace Hosting recently met with MEDIAmobz’ CEO, Dave Toole to discuss the importance of video for big brands. Scoble shot a video interview and posted the following recap on Google+.

“I believe that big brands are going to have to invest in video. Why? Video causes conversations and is more appropriate when you are trying to show something than just a text post.

Here, what’s better? Two minutes of video, or you trying to tell me what your new product/dish/art looks like?

You might have noticed I believe in video. It’s my secret tool and at +Rackspace Hosting we’re building a studio in San Francisco to let us do even more of it.

So, if your company is going to need to do more video (it will) how do you do that video without paying out the nose? MEDIAmobz has one answer, see the CEO explain it to me.

Great, now I have to worry about being replaced. :-)”

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