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Increasing Need for Creative Services in 2009

by MEDIAmobz MPS  5 January 2009

Welcome to the New Year, a year that will most likely have several bumps as we try to find our way clear to an economic recovery. It is a challenge when one needs to resize their business expectations to sustain in a much lower spending environment. Many companies have already reduced their work force, and many more will as the year progresses. What do you do when new projects come up and you no longer have the resources to get the job done and are concerned about increasing your fixed costs? You look for ways to deal with it as a variable cost — or more specifically you find project-based resources that are available in your local market to help get a specific job done. That is our goal at MEDIAmobz.

Most businesses are not used to such wild swings in their revenues that cause the kind of gyrations that we saw at the end of the year. I came out of a part of the technology industry that saw swings of revenue growth of several times in a year and than a double digit drop as the industry followed Moore’s Law. This meant that we had to focus on what we were best at and let go of those things that others could do by outsourcing and creating a world class supply chain.

We believe as agencies, small and medium sized businesses are adapting to this new environment, they will need to reach out to our community of creative resources to find ways to stay focused on their business while extending their access to quality resources through MEDIAmobz and our partners.

In order for us to be successful, we must do our best to attract and retain a strong community of creative resources. We must commit ourselves to providing services and tools to improve the ability to produce compelling content at the level of the specific business need. This means some of the demand will be for short form content for ads, as Jay describes below, and some will be for longer form content as well as new types of content that we can’t even imagine at this time.

Yes, we enter the year with trepidation but we should be optimistic of the road ahead. We have much promise by applying our creative skills in new ways.

Please reach at to us and let us know your thoughts.

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