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MEDIAmobz 2012 Year In Review

by Rachel Toole  8 January 2013

It’s time to celebrate what has been a very exciting journey and prepare for an even better one in 2013. The demand for customized digital media is exploding. We set out to help our clients streamline the creation of digital media. Having the ability to create content that is focused on what your customers would benefit from is more important as the intimacy of their connection to your brand grows.

Our platform includes a crowdsourcing marketplace to find the most qualified producers and competitive pricing anywhere around the globe. We expanded the platform capabilities to include secure file sharing, workspaces, a screening room to review rough cuts between clients and producers and recently a mobile landing page called MOBZxpress that provides the ability to create a micro site in minutes. All of this geared towards helping brands and publishers create their own digital media for their communication needs. Several clients are using the platform to streamline their digital communications.

Our network of producers grew over 40% in 2012. These producers and digital media experts are a network of some of the most creative talented video storytellers around the globe. Our producer network produced hundreds of video’s and digital media. We increased our international production – Economist (Singapore), World Bank (Rio, Brazil), InMobi (Paris), Clorox, (Costa Rica).


We added some great new talent to the team expanding our relationships with brands and publishers. Michelle Tack just joined the team as Vice President of Worldwide Sales. She comes with a deep set of experiences around software platforms that delivered branded experiences, eLearning, content management as well as worked with companies like Oracle and HP.

We participated in several events to help our clients develop their digital media story telling skills, the World Ocean Summit with the Economist, the RIO+20 with the World Bank and UN. We also extended the reach of messaging with mobile ad network InMobi and Business Wire with several events to help tell their stories.

Digital Media is expanding beyond SEO, social, content marketing and more to become what some call “Business Class Content” where digital media becomes digital communications. If you would like to stay in touch, find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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