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MEDIAmobz hosts the first Digital Media Dojo Meetup!

by Rachel Toole  16 November 2012

As the digital tools for publishers grow more sophisticated, it’s up to us to experiment and see what sticks. So this Wednesday, we kicked off the first Digital Media Dojo meetup in San Mateo, CA.

The event brought together a great mix of digital media professionals and others interested in getting started. Great stories lead to action, so we jumped right in.

Storytelling is the fundamental component of how human beings relate to the world around them. Stories are present on multiple levels – there are personal, local, global and civilization stories. Whether it is politics, soap operas, or sports, it is the stories within them that give each topic meaning and influence our actions at each level.

The goal of the Digital Media Dojo is to collaborate with like minded professionals and gain critical insight into the evolving web and its applications. Every meetup we host will bring us closer to solving some of the paint points associated with digital media, online marketing, and social.

For more information on Digital Media Dojo visit: http://www.meetup.com/Digital-Media-Dojo.

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