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MEDIAmobz Poll, 1: Marketers Involvement in Video Production Process

by MEDIAmobz MPS  7 October 2011

MEDIAmobz completed in September 2011 an online poll of our users comprised mainly of B2B marketing managers and directors who are evenly spread across the USA. Over the course of the next month or so we will post what we believe to be interesting insights into B2B marketers use of video in their messaging with a view to providing you, dear reader with statistics against which you might compare your own video messaging efforts.

The diagram above overviews the process of producing video all the way through to distribution and that process’ 6, high-level components; your end-to-end process.

Having the benefit of being involved in a lot of video production over the years, we were very curious to understand in which part or parts of this process do marketing professionals most want to be involved.

According to MEDIAmobz’s poll of US marketing managers and directors, 85% want to be involved in the concept and outline, 75% of respondents want to be involved in identifying key messages and target audiences, and then it fades away a bit as 55% say they want to be involved in the script writing and, finally, 45% stated a preference for post production albeit editing.

These numbers would seem just about right, assuming that it is these managers’ and directors’ supervisor who in all instances identifies the key messages and target audience for a campaign and by extrapolation video.

We would very much like to hear from you. In which aspects of video production do you wish to be involved?

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