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MEDIAmobz Poll, 2: Video Provides Competitive Advantage

by MEDIAmobz MPS  13 October 2011

As previously reported, MEDIAmobz completed in September 2011 an online poll of our users comprised mainly of B2B marketing managers and directors who are evenly spread across the USA. Again, we hope to provide insights and statistics against which you might compare your own video messaging efforts.

All statistics and data read by MEDIAmobz points to a proliferation in the use of multimedia content, especially video. We’re also witnessing various players (e.g., CDN, DAM, CMS, DOOH hardware, video infrastructure, etc.) in the overall ecosystem who have historically and very consciously steered away from multimedia content creation or fulfillment are now looking for either partners or attempting to build from scratch a directory where their clients and prospects might access video and other multimedia content.

It is this observation and our interpretation of various data points that makes responses to our poll ring in our ears and underline our belief and confidence in the potential of MEDIAmobz’s platform to serve marketers and those charged with creating multimedia content whether at companies or agencies.

A full 50% of respondents clearly stated that they believe their competitors use more video than their own company.

Whilst that may not be earth shaking, it was profound to MEDIAmobz at least that 82% of respondents to MEDIAmobz’s September 2011 poll stated that they believe video provides their competitors with an advantage over their own company. I would not disagree with this view.

If your company participates in the multimedia supply chain and is contemplating whether to build, buy or rent the ability to augment your or your clients’ multimedia production process, capability, allow me to suggest that a conversation with MEDIAmobz might well be worth your time.

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