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MediaMobz to Sponsor BIA/Kelsey’s NOW 2015 Conference

by Jay Durgan  10 June 2015

We’re super pleased to announce that MediaMobz are sponsoring BIA/Kelsey’s NOW 2015: Rise of the Local On-Demand Economy. The conference will be held on 12th June 2015 at the Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, California.

The one-day event will examine the rise of the local on-demand economy (LODE) and its implication for brands, service providers, local media and local workforces. The event features more than 30 on-demand experts and investors, and influential keynote speakers.

On Friday, 12th June 2015 from 3:10 pm PDT MediaMobz’s very own CEO and Founder, Dave Toole will participate in the panel, LODE Platforms and Services: Foundations of Local On-Demand Markets. MediaMobz will also be videotaping the event and collecting comments by thought leaders along the way.

“Business is both global and local. MediaMobz’s technology is founded on a reverse-auction marketplace hosting thousands of local creatives ready to serve local companies’ and global brands’ local video needs. Our global network has on behalf of our customers successfully completed engagements across the globe and does so by hiring locally versus flying crews to remote locations” noted Dave Toole.

Toole went on to add, “We share BIA/Kelsey’s commitment to local, appreciate their belief that MediaMobz can contribute to companies scaling the creation of their visual content and, of course, are thrilled to sponsor NOW 2015.”

If you didn’t already know, BIA/Kelsey advises companies in the local media space through consulting and valuation services, research and forecasts, Custom Advisory Services and conferences. Since 1983 BIA/Kelsey has been a resource to the media, mobile advertising, telecommunications, Yellow Pages and electronic directory markets, as well as to government agencies, law firms and investment companies looking to understand trends and revenue drivers. BIA/Kelsey’s annual conferences draw executives from across industries seeking guidance and how companies are finding innovative ways to grow.

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