MEDIAmobz Vegas-Bound for NAB!

by MobzPit  16 April 2012

We’re headed off to NAB this week. It has been an amazing transition over the years for a broadcast driven set of tools to the rapid shift in its emphasis on digital media. We love digital media story telling here at MEDIAmobz. We’d love to hear from you as to what you think is cool, compelling and productive that is going on around digital media story telling. We have so many more tools to use to tell stories. It still has not been streamlined and that is what we want to help each other do a bit better today than yesterday and accelerate our cycles of learning in how to get this done. Here are some first pass place we will take a look at. Let us know what you would like us to look at in a deeper way. We’ll take a look at some of the pieces that help contribute to streamlining what we do, these are in alphabetical order: Adobe, because you have to. Avid Media Composer, there are many of our producer network that is using and improving at how the compose their media. Booth # S216DMR-M, Booth # Borisfx, Booth # SL2914 Brightcove, Booth # SL10505 Canon, Booth # C4325 FMC Training, Booth # SL9707 Livestream, Booth # C11037 Microsoft, you know these guys. Ooyala, Booth #OS1000 Telestream, Booth # SL1405 Video Bank Digital, Booth # SL4212 WeVideo, Booth # SU11913 We’ll update with some posts as we go through the show.

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