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MEDIAmobz will attend PRSA 2010. Register for a FREE video press release.

by MEDIAmobz MPS  15 September 2010

MEDIAmobz provides global video production on-demand.

We invite you to visit MEDIAmobz at PRSA 2010, Booth 219 to receive a no-obligation consultation and register to win our FREE offer.

Why video? Video has been shown to increase press release views by up to 500% compared to text-only press releases.

Is video affordable? Yes and even more so at MEDIAmobz thanks to our global network of certified producers, MEDIAmobz can select producers near to your shoot location rather than flying them half an earth away; saving you time and money.

Isn’t video production complicated and time consuming? It can be if you’re new to the process or don’t do it that often. MEDIAmobz’s in-house Managed Video Production team will work with you from concept to final delivery…just like we’ve done for Oracle, Business Wire, Cisco and PAN Communications to name only a very few.

Please call us on (800) 816-7048 or write to sales@mediamobz.com to schedule a meeting with MEDIAmobz’s executive team at PRSA 2010, Booth 219.

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