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October 2010 Newsletter

by MEDIAmobz MPS  11 October 2010

Start Small and Iterate

One of our newest customers initially approached us during a video fact-finding mission armed with a reasonable level of apprehension about video: affordability; complexity; and level of drain on their own time. After a series of meetings and frank exchanges of questions we were happy to welcome yet another customer to MEDIAmobz.

We naturally started by asking a lot of questions. What experience, if any, have you had with producing video? What did you like about that process and, most important, the end result, the video? Which aspects to the production process would you like to improve? What about your videos produced to date would you want to most change?

The direction of this conversation, their answers and MEDIAmobz’s ability to provide what about process and end-product was liked plus being able to address all required improvements most certainly contributed to welcoming yet another new customer.

During initial informational interview and subsequent interviews, I do believe a trust was established. MEDIAmobz video production work on behalf of companies like Cisco, Business Wire and LG Electronics to name but a few also enhanced this new client’s trust in MEDIAmobz’s ability to consistently deliver.
However, my belief is that the single, most significant contributor to signing this new client was their own response to a fairly simple question, “Would it not be prudent to start out small, simple and iterate based on what we learn from success and perhaps not-so-successful endeavors?”

We have started out small and are iterating, improving messaging and all with a very sensible and modest budget allocated over a 6-month period to ensure freshness of content and relevancy to this client’s customers. There’s much to be said and written for starting out small and iterating.

Content is King!

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Ah, the sage of the generations is quoted as saying.

Here are some stats that reflect the challenges companies have as content is much easier to create. It is much easier to have your brand get diluted by the amount of content that is reflected in the market about your brand. This emphasizes the importance to have professionally produced content to distribute to these new channels of communication.

We are helping clients adapt to this new medium, producing distributed global productions for companies as they build out their libraries of content. You’ll note below some of the tools that we are providing to help make it easier to leverage the Internet for better communications between clients and producers.

Online Screening Room Updates

Tommy Maples from Evolve Media tells us why he likes using the Mediamobz Online Screening Room and how it helps him gather feedback from his clients on current video projects he is working on.

Happy Customer

Listen Jen Sricharoenchaikit from Fama PR talking about her recent experience working with us.

PRSA 2010

We will be attending PRSA 2010 International Conference October 16-19 in Washington, D.C. Booth 219. Stop by the booth and click on the link below to register to win a free video press release.

Screening Room Feature Updates

We have added some great new features to our Online Screening Room after receiving some great feedback from our global producer community. Some of the key features added are the new sort comment buttons which allow the video editor to sort comments by timestamp, person, and date. This is extremely helpful for video editors when they get a ton of comments on a video and they want to prioritize or just simply view comments in sequential order. If you have not used the screening room yet check it out by logging into your dashboard, creating a workspace, and then creating a screening room. It’s a great free tool that makes the video review process a lot smoother.

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