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Speed Messaging

by MobzPit  16 February 2012

Today I was able to experience the speed of the MEDIAmobz network. At about 10AM Jay called me and said we needed to shoot me for a short video announcing our digital media production role with the Economist upcoming World Ocean Summit in Singapore.

I was in silicon valley, Jay was in San Francisco. By 11:30 on my way to a lunch in the city I arrived to find that Jay had used our network to locate a producer that was available for a quick shoot and fast turn around. I made my noon lunch and off went the footage, edited & uploaded to the screening room for review and feedback and by 3:30 in the afternoon ready to fly with a press release. I’m proud of the team and the capabilities that we are building together with our network of producers. We help our clients do some pretty cool projects around the globe where they can run the team from their office or in this case while Satva was able to be watching his new born. Pretty cool. It works.

Another example of the speed was that we need to compliment the crew in Singapore and used our platform to source the producer. We put a job in our marketplace and within hours had a number of producers bid on the job. Some under and some over our budget. We were able to see their reels, references and easily see the great work that they had done. We’ll continue the story after we have some more to share. For now here is the video that was turned around in only a few hours today.

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