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by MobzPit  4 May 2008

Hello to those few that may be passing this way.

I just wanted to reach out and welcome you to our community.

We are just getting started in exploring how we might best promote

your capabilities around and about video marketing and connect those that are interested in commissioning you to deliver the best effort you can in satisfying their video marketing needs. We believe in this market and have been doing the best we can in understanding how to provide tools and services to help produce the most compelling content. We have a long ways to go and hope that you help contribute to the ability for all of us to make this a valuable place to hang out and get things done. I am a musician, businessman, marketer, and am learning the craft of what it takes to produce valuable content. I hope you have a worthwhile experience with us and tell your friends. We will be trying to cover the hot topics

of the market to help increase the ability to be as productive as we can with the limited time we have available. The best of success and fun ahead for all.

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