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Business Wire’s 50th Anniversary

by Rachel Toole  3 August 2011

MEDIAmobz recently worked with Business Wire to produce their 50th Anniversary video, that can now be found on their home page. It is a great story about how they were founded in silicon valley and grew to be a global trusted source for press releases for most of the major businesses around the globe. Our software was instrumental in being able to locate a motion graphics lead, locate videographers to interview their executive team in 5 cities and as well Warren Buffet the owner and Cathy Baron Tamaraz the CEO. Our software also was used to collect the dozens of assets that made up a history collection of brochures, images and clips from their story. The screening room was instrumental so they could review rough cuts immediately without needing to travel and provide quick feedback to get the job done in quick order. A trailer of the video can be found on their home page with more to come over the next few months. Congratulations to Business Wire!

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