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Leveraging Your Event Content for Leads

 8 February 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Do you know just how influential an event can be for lead generation? When leads are generated at events, they can be nurtured further if you start curating the event content like a professional. Think of this as a kind of re-cap of what happened at the event. Approximately 83% of B2B marketers use content […]

Advanced Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media

 1 February 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Social media marketing is a useful tool for pretty much any business owner, no matter what the niche, size of the business, or location. An effective way to engage with customers, compel responses from Internet users and learn more about your target audience, social media has lured in more than 2 billion people around the […]

How To Present Data Effectively With Video Graphics

 25 January 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Video is an ideal tool to present data because it keeps viewers engaged, particularly on social media channels. It’s also a great medium for presenting data on your website and within your blog content. A video graphic may be as simple as a 30-second clip with several data images, or it may be as complex […]

The Benefits of Animated GIFs for Marketers

 18 January 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

An animated GIF is a set of still image files coded into a single file. Animated GIFs are popular for online memes, many of which have gone viral numerous times on blogs and social media channels. As a result, animated GIFs often seem silly or nerdy. However, their power to create viral content has encouraged […]

How To Generate Better Leads And Sales With Video Graphics

 11 January 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

People are instinctively attracted to visual stimuli, which makes it much easier for humans to process a graphic description than a text description. Taking advantage of this natural bias greatly increases lead generation and consequently, boosts sales. The following describes how to generate better leads and sales with video graphics. Gate your video content Gated […]

Key Stats About Online Video And Marketing Today

 4 January 2017        Video Marketing    0 Comment

Over the past few years, online video has transitioned from an up-and-coming marketing tactic to a tried and true marketing strategy all modern marketers and business owners must embrace. Video offers a powerful means to demonstrate value proposition, communicate your brand story, and cultivate relationships with clients and customers. The following details the most important […]

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