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MediaMobz Partners with Starfish Creative to expand Training Opportunities to Creatives

by Jay Durgan  11 August 2015

MediaMobz platform to Provide Collaboration, Networking and Work Opportunities

MediaMobz are thrilled to announce our partnership with Starfish Creative to offer training course opportunities to our global creative network and Starfish training course attendees the opportunity to create and maintain profiles free-of-charge on the MediaMobz platform.

Starfish Creative students will be able to showcase which training programs they have successfully completed, as well as other relevant skills, certifications, and project examples. Class participants will also have the opportunity to bid on project work offered in the MediaMobz marketplace, share their portfolios, and network with other creative professionals from around the world.

“We have been serving Starfish parent company Microdesk’s training, sales enablement, and thought leadership endeavors with video communication for many years now,” said Dave Toole, CEO & Founder, MediaMobz. “We were thrilled to extend our relationship by partnering with Starfish Creative. As freelance networks grow there is a big issue in career and skill development that in the past came from employers. Starfish supported by MediaMobz provide a path for freelancers to acquire these sames skills.”

Starfish Creative is newly created and dedicated to offering training courses and services on leading Media and Entertainment design software and applications for media, television, and entertainment professionals.

The Starfish Creative division will offer a wide range of immersive, hands-on courses presented live at their state-of-the-art training facilities, via distance learning, or on-site leveraging their custom mobile training labs. Participating students will learn fundamental design techniques in workflow-based classes ranging from beginner to advanced level that present best practices for leveraging today’s leading technologies, including Autodesk, Adobe, Cinema 4D, Form-Z, Modo, Rhino, SketchUp, ToonBoom and ZBrush.

Mike DeLacey, Principal of Microdesk commented, “Our long history of success is built upon our unique approach to delivering high quality training via a team of experts from the industry who can provide participants with valuable perspective on industry trends and best practices for mastering the latest design techniques and workflows that will help them stay ahead.”

Dave Toole went on to add, “MediaMobz is comprised of 3 cornerstones: content creation, publishing and analytics. The video centric content creation is enabled by our global marketplace hosting thousands of creatives and so it was only natural for us to partner with Starfish to provide infrastructure to support their creative profile, and collaboration and networking between these highly regarded artists.”


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