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Canon C300 vs RED Scarlet-X

by MEDIAmobz MPS  9 November 2011

So the highly-anticipated date of November 3 has come and gone and now that the dust has settled, who won the showdown between Canon’s C300 and Red’s Scarlet-X? The industry reaction was a clear beat-down with RED introducing a S35 4K raw-format cinema camera in its compact Epic body while Canon underwhelmed with a S35 4K (but 1080p output) 8-bit 4:2:2 format in its even more compact (and sexy) camera body. Not only did RED win the spec wars but it also comes in a full $6,000 cheaper than its $20k Canon counterpart.

A closer look at RED’s Scarlet-X does reveal some “fine-print”. Although much more expensive, the C300 simply works out of the box. It uses cheap CF drives, comes with built in ND filters, and its batteries are fairly cheap. On the other hand, the Scarlet-X will require you to invest in expensive propriety SSD drives that can cost up to $3200 and batteries that cost $200 and last approximately only and measly 30 minutes. So that’s 16 batteries at $200 each for a full 8 hour shooting day. Not ideal. You’re $14k investment can easily balloon to $20-$25k.

With that said, the Scarlet-X is still a great deal. I myself put a down-payment down and will be looking forward to getting my hands on it in December or sometime early next year. As for the C300, I wouldn’t touch it. It’s simply overpriced. -Marlon Torres

Shot on the Red Scarlet X

C300 Videos

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