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Final Cut Pro X Run Down

by MEDIAmobz MPS  23 May 2011

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We did a little a rundown on Apple’s upcoming version of Final Cut, now known as Final Cut Pro X.

– 64 bit application: FCP X can take full advantage of as much memory as you can throw at it.

– New UI: Completely redesigned, dark, and sleek user interface.

– Image Quality: Fully floating point, linear light based rendering system. Resolution independent playback system that goes from SD formats to 4K HD.

– Grand Central Dispatch: Takes advantage of all the processor cores of your machine.

– Background Ingestion: FCP X copies media in the background so you can start editing before ingestion is complete.

– Content Auto-Analysis: During ingestion, you can apply Image Stabilization, People Detection, Shot Detection, Color Balance Correction, and Audio Cleanup.

– Range-Based Keywording: FCP X has the ability to add keywords and make sub-clips.

– Smart Collections: A dynamic new way of organizing your media based on multiple criterias such camera types, shot dates, shot angles, etc.

– Event Library: Replaces the FCP Browser. Includes scrubbable clips in a large film strip view.

– Magnetic Timeline: No more collisions in the timeline as clips move out of the way to avoid each other. No hard tracks and clips come and go as needed.

– Compound Clips: Formerly known as Nesting, changes a groups of clips can now be nested in a single keystroke.

– Inline Precision Editor: An updated version of the Trim Edit window.

– New Audio Tools: Soundtrack Pro like audio fade handles with realtime waveform visual feedback.

– Auditioning: Lets you select from multiple clips, cover flow style, to preview in the timeline.

– Match Color: Automatically color correct shot per shot with a single click.

– Color Board and Secondary Color Correction: New coloring system featuring high-end features like animatable secondary color correction masks.

– Background Rendering: FCP X automatically uses every spare core available on your machine so you are always rendering in the background while editing.

– No Transcoding: FCP X works with AVCHD, GoPRO, and DSLR footage natively.

– Cheap: Available June for $299 through the App Store.

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