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Nikon D4

by Satva Leung  30 January 2012

So Nikon has finally decided to step up its game after being left in the dust in terms of video capabilities by rivals Canon, Panasonic, and Sony.

With the Nikon D4 we are finally free of nasty moire and aliasing that we all despise from DSLR video. Nikon was also nice enough to provide us with a headphone jack for proper audio monitoring, a feature sorely missed by videographers during the HDSLR revolution.

Nikon, in its best attempt to shake up the HDSLR industry has also introduced clean 8-bit 422 HDMI. Coupled with a KiPRO mini or Atomos Samurai, you’ll now have the beauty of uncompressed footage straight out of the D4’s sensor! Again, a huge plus for anyone who plans to do heavy color-grading and visual effects. All this and Nikon’s legendary low-light capabilities. I don’t know about you but I’m sold!

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