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Disaster coverage to help recovery

by MobzPit  31 August 2011

We have been tossing around the idea of reaching out to our producer community to see if there are volunteers that would capture shorts of how people are pulling it back together after Irene. Our belief is that if there are enough people to capture short and local stories of how to connect with those people that are leading efforts to help people get their lives back to normal. The national or local news has no time to get this level of detail as they focus on the drama to get audience. This is the time to take advantage of our vast network to connect locally over a large geographic area to help out with the level of detail in the story that can lead a faster resolution of those that are suffering. If there are any that would like to sign up to volunteer with recognition for your efforts please let us know so we can pull this together. Info@mediamobz.com

Thanks, Dave Toole

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