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Cross Platform Content Marketing Tactics for 2013

by Christine Luc  17 June 2013

Cross Platform Content Marketing Tactics

Image by Mark Hunter

Cross platform content marketing means taking advantage of the many platforms available for marketing, from more traditional marketing tactics like email, blog posts, and press releases to the latest tactics such as Twitter, mobile platforms, and apps. All of these platforms and more can be used to release similar content in a variety of different ways, thus increasing brand awareness and reaching the maximum number of people. Below, we’ll explore some cross platform content marketing tactics for 2013:


  • Quality and quantity: You shouldn’t release a large amount of mediocre content, but when it comes to social media and videos, you do need to release new content often enough to maintain awareness and enthusiasm.
  • Integrate your platforms. It should be easy for consumers to find your Youtube page from your website, your homepage from your Twitter, and so on. Allowing consumers to access all of your content is the most effective way to keep them engaged; they’re unlikely to go out of their way to find it if you don’t provide it.
  • Know where the people are. If you’re using social media as a platform, it’s important to be aware of what platforms will give you the widest audience, and adjust your approach accordingly. In addition, establishing a firm hold in up-and-coming platforms can benefit you in the long run, although you should be wary of expending too much effort on platforms that won’t let you reach a lot of people.
  • Pay attention to feedback. This is one of the most important cross platform content marketing tactics for 2013. A cross-platform campaign that includes social media gives you the opportunity to potentially receive a large amount of feedback about your content and your company. Paying attention to this feedback – even if the only feedback is silence – helps you improve your company and make more effective content in the future.
  • Stay up to date. If you don’t take advantage of technological advances in mobile Internet browsing, apps, QR codes, and the like, you’ll be left behind because other companies will. The most important aspect of this is that an ever-increasing amount of content is being viewed via mobile device, so make sure you use platforms that are compatible.


These cross platform content marketing tactics for 2013 will serve you well in your marketing plan. A cross platform marketing approach can let you reach and engage a large amount of people in a highly effective way; many platforms are free to use, and you can frequently reuse content across platforms, allowing you to get the most out of the content you create.

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