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How Big Brands Use Video to Expedite Sales

by Pablo Sanchez  28 August 2013

In late June 2013, Instagram completely changed how big brands use video to expedite sales by unrolling a video function. While many businesses quickly jumped on the opportunity and flooded the network with quickly shot videos that weren’t very interesting, there are a number of companies that have taken the time to put together killer content. If you’re struggling to put together quality video for your business, learn how big brands use video to expedite sales and take a few of their tips.

Why choose Instagram over Vine?


  • Longer video length is ideal for advertising. Vine limits videos to six seconds while Instagram allows for 15 seconds. This length choice from Instagram seems to be anything but random. 15 seconds is a well-established length for a pre-roll video ad. Historically, advertisers have been very comfortable with purchasing ads that are right at this length.
  • Just as easy to use. The process of creating Instagram videos is simple. Users can record multiple clips in succession. They can choose one of 13 filters if they wish and then select a thumbnail or cover frame. It is best practice to manually select a thumbnail instead of allowing one to be assigned automatically to ensure that it is a high quality image that represents the video appropriately. Finally, users have the option of running the video before a stabilizer and before publishing it.
  • Larger community. Many companies have struggled to make a name for themselves on Vine because the community is not very big. As of June 2013, Vine had approximately 13,000 users while Instagram had over 350,000 users.
  • Facebook publishing. It is not a secret that one key to success on Facebook is sharing high quality images. Users are almost always more likely to engage with content that includes pictures and videos. It is huge news that Instagram publishes videos to Facebook in the exact same way that they publish photos.
  • Potential for advertising revenue. Currently it is free to upload and share Instagram videos. However, it is feasible that in the future, brands will be able to promote videos through advertising campaigns much like Tumblr Sponsor Posts and Twitter Promoted Tweets.


How can you use Instagram video?

There are numerous possibilities for Instagram videos. The following list includes just a few ideas.


  • Debut a new line of products. Earlier this summer Burberry created a killer Instagram video with highlights from their men’s spring/summer 2013 collection.
  • Define your brand. What keywords or imagery do you want people to associate with your brand? How can you incorporate them into a video?


Create intrigue. Are you unveiling a brand new product line or service later this year? Get people talking about it months in advance.

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