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Racing Extinction

by Dave Toole  19 January 2015

I had the privilege to see a private screening of the upcoming film from Louie Psihoyos called Racing Extinction.  The were a hand full of us, including Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead at Skywalker Ranch.  We got a tour and learned about the technology that has helped advance their ability to create sound for film that picks up a 3 dimensional sound characteristic of any object on the screen. Bob Weir was telling me about how he has 80 microphones in his studio so they can tune the room for the intended sound from a concert hall to a shack. The film was screened in one of the best sound managed rooms in the world. It was a great experience.

More important than all this was the topic of the film, Racing Extinction. We are loosing more species every year at an accelerating rate. We are choking ourselves from our future. We need to come together and surface solutions.

Check out their trailers before they launch the film next week at Sundance. It is amazing and very scary as to the impact we are having on our planet. Are there any of you that would like to help us extend this story in finding solutions in local markets? Please let us know at info@mediamobz.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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