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4 Fresh Ways To Share Video on Twitter

by Rachel Toole  12 July 2011

Looking to share videos with your customers on Twitter? Here are 4 Fresh ways:

1. Socialcam

Socialcam’s tagline is: Shoot, tag and share it with your friends…instantly.” The app, which is tied to Justin.tv, lets you sign up with your Facebook account and then share videos on multiple outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Google +

2. Viddy

Viddy, is an app that allows you to capture, “beautify” and share 15-second videos.

The process is simple: Click the “Share” button in the middle of the navigation panel to upload a video from you gallery or shoot a new one. Trim the clip to your liking and apply effects using “production packages.” Viddy’s iPhone app, which launched in April and has been downloaded 500,000 times as of May is compatible with iPod touch and iPad but requires iOS 4.1 or later. Android, Windows, and Blackberry versions of the app are in the works.

3. Screenr

Web-based screen recorder Screenr launched in 2009, but the service recently added new features that address users’ concerns about sharing video comments via tweets. To create a video, Mac or PC users can adjust the video frame to a size of their liking and then click record to walk viewers through an online activity. Screenr automatically provides a shortened link to the video to quicken the sharing process.

4. Zocial.tv

If you like sharing trendy videos on Twitter, Zocial.tv is the site and app for you.

Zocial.tv aggregates the most-shared videos on Twitter and Facebook, separates them into categories and creates top 25 lists sorts by today, yesterday, the week or month. The site’s sharing tool – powered by ShareThis – lets you share any of the videos on Twitter and other social sites. You can also +1 or “Like” a video.

From a business perspective, company-made videos and user-generated videos have proven to be powerful marketing tools. For example, referral traffic from YouTube to the Shorty Awards website this year was higher than Google’s referral traffic to the site because many nominees created video campaigns.

“The scalability of making a great looking video clip is nuts in 2011 and will continue to get easier and easier,” says Natan Edelsburg, supervising producer for the Shorty Awards and vice president of Sawhorse Media. “A year or two from now it will be irresponsible for everyone to write a press release or make a big announcement without complementing it with some kind of short video clip.”

Whether for business or personal use, indulge in these four video-sharing services that launched or added new features in this past year. In the comments, let us know which apps you use to share your own videos on Twitter or other social sites.

Full Story: Mashable

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