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Ahead or Behind The Video Game: How Much Video Fortune 500 Companies Produce

by Pablo Sanchez  31 July 2013

Producing even a few videos can seem like a big feat with the time commitment and difficulties associated. Yet however much you’re producing, chances are your competitors are producing more. Take a look at the nation’s most successful companies: according to MEDIAmobz‘s March 31 2013 survey, 21% of Fortune 500 companies feature a video on their home page. On average, Fortune 500 companies have 480 videos throughout their entire website, and 192 videos on their YouTube channel.

While it’s unlikely that you could even make use of that much video content even if you had it, producing more video content is a constant concern for just about anyone who produces video. As with anything, by being selective and discerning about what you produce and how you produce it, you can be successful and efficient at producing more video content.

Stretch Out Your Content

One of the best ways to produce more of any type of content, and the key way in which to produce enough video, is to use the content you do have as much as possible. For example, you might have a video that breaks down several of your products; split this into several videos, and you’ve got a video for each product page.

Similarly, you can stretch your content by presenting similar content across similar platforms. If you’re interested in telling the striking story of your company’s founding, for example, you can tell your company’s story several times: by producing an “About Us” or “History” page, writing one or a few blog posts detailing specific factors, and making a video complete with interviews and a walk through headquarters. If you already have content you’ve invested a lot of time or money in, think about how you can repurpose that content in videos.

Look at What’s Worked Before

One way to produce enough video is to consider what videos have been successful for you in the past. If a past video or video set has sparked conversation, been shared a lot, or created a boost in leads, then you might be able to follow it up with similar content. For example, a funny skit can be followed up with a sequel, or a detailed exploration of one product can be followed up with an exploration of another

Work with What You Have

No matter how much video content you have, it’s important to make the most of what you do have. You could have the concept of how to produce enough video down, with hundreds of videos on your channel, but if you aren’t successful in getting folks to view your videos, it’s a moot point. SEO and social media usage are two of the most important factors in this.

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