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Business Wire Launches Smart Marketing Pages

by Rachel Toole  17 May 2012

Last Tuesday, Business Wire announced Smart Marketing Page (SMP), the newest addition to their suite of multimedia services. SMP leverages the best content from marketing and public relations to create an SEO-enhanced, interactive multimedia news and information experience for consumers, reporters and target audiences.

With the explosion of sources used to find information and influence decisions, progressive companies and organizations are looking for ways to present unified marketing and public relations efforts to boost audience engagement.

Business Wire turned to MEDIAmobz to best communicate and demonstrate the benefits of the Smart Marketing Page. Thanks to the online video tutorial we produced, Business Wire is experiencing increased engagement amongst customers.

Read some of their comments below…

“Excellent resource, fantastic marketing material! This should gain you valuable feed-back and clientelle! Will share it forward!” – Freyja P Jensen

“Wow! I really like this video. It was produced very well and explains everything perfectly, yet is concise enough to keep my attention. well done!” – Randolph Brock

“Beautiful Video! Well done MEDIAmobz and the entire team at Business Wire. And thank you for this great contest!” – Jeremy Turpen

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