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Defining Your Video Objective – MEDIAmobz Marketing Series #1

by Rachel Toole  21 September 2012

Every week we bring you MEDIAmobz’s own video series featuring best practices for video marketing. We’ll take you from pre-production to post-production covering everything from getting started with video to distribution and optimization. We will also include a bi-weekly tip from our “Producers Corner”–some advice or instruction that video producers can put into action right away to help improve their content.

The first weekly video marketing tip is about defining your video objective:

Creating a corporate video is similar to creating any type of web video. The idea needs to be well thought out and planned for.

First and foremost, decide what the purpose of the video will be. This should be established when first deciding to produce a video.

Decide whether you want the video to provide awareness, ask customers to answer a survey, project a new product on the market, or fulfill all of these.

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