How to Start Using Explainer Videos

by MediaMobz  19 July 2017

Have you considered the potential of using explainer videos as a way of building brand awareness? Online video marketing is becoming the “it” thing for marketers who want to increase sales and ROI. Not only this, but video marketing can aid you in achieving brand influencer status. An informative and educational video of this kind ought to capture the viewer’s attention, inform them, and encourage them to take action. When you consider how many influencers are active on social media sites, the opportunities for marketing your services, products, website (or whatever it is you want to promote) will be endless. Let’s find out more, shall we?

12 Types of Explainer Videos to Choose From

First things first, you ought to select a type of explainer video that best suits you. Without further ado, here are the main 12 options:
  1. 2D Animation – Efficient and simple, 2D animation offers artistic freedom and is a cost-effective choice.
  2. High and 2D Animation – This option is well-suited for product launches. It features a series of images in a sequence.
  3. 3D Animation – Attention-grabbing, 3D animation incorporates visual effects with audio for promotional and corporate purposes.
  4. Live Action – A recording of moving or still objects will proved useful for informing and educating.
  5. Whiteboard – Hand drawn and erased animations can help the viewer to visualize an idea in their own way.
  6. Moving Typography – Text is heavily relied on when a message is delivered with typography video.
  7. Animated Screencast – This type of explainer video will usually show the viewer how something works, such as software.
  8. Stop Motion – This technique involves capturing an animation one frame at a time. The rapidly-changing sequence will look like it is moving when it is played back.
  9. Video Infographic – A motion graphic video of this kind will accelerate interest and enlighten the audience.
  10. iPad/iPhone Apps – Use applications on your iPad or iPhone to create captivating videos and presentations with a single image.
  11. Music Only – Evoke emotion with a soundtrack and visuals.
  12. Testimonials – A review of your brand from satisfied customers will help your audience to trust you.

Conducting a Case Study on Results

Have you thought about creating an explainer video case study? In order to do this effectively you should create a focused script that is brief and straightforward. Make sure the video ticks the boxes for entertainment, information, and marketing. Teach your audience what your brand does in less than 60 seconds, followed by a call to action (CTA). Integrate visuals and music/audio/voice over to compel action and teach the viewer(s) something they didn’t know before. Monitor the views and viewer-to-sign-up conversions over the course of a few weeks to determine if your approach to video marketing has worked.

Creating Clear and Digestible Videos

Getting your message across without losing the viewer’s interest can be tricky, unless you know how to create a video that is as clear as it is digestible. Transform text into visuals and when using linguistic terminology, inform the viewer(s) of the definition in a simple way. Do not confuse the audience, but do make them curious. By doing this, you can bet that they will be intrigued and want to learn more about your brand. Anything that runs for longer than 60 seconds will not be easily digestible therefore you must pay attention to the length of your explainer video prior to uploading.


Keep in mind that a great script is the foundation of a powerful video. Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a video script writer, it is still possible to create a successful video. How, you ask? Well, as long as you have an idea in mind for what kind of message you want to get across with an explainer video, you can outsource the writing part to somebody who is skilled in this area.

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