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Israel’s social media scene

by MEDIAmobz MPS  5 May 2008

Ayelet Noff

To my mind, one of the most interesting things about the revolution in user-created media is its international dimension. There’s a burgeoning interest in all corners of the world in how Web 2.0 and social media can be used to make our lives more productive, more interesting, more social.

In the past two years, grassroots video has become embedded into mainstream culture, so much so that companies, organizations and individuals are realizing that they need to jump into the pond and experiment. Scanning the home countries of Bid4Vid’s 1,050 producers, it’s impressive to see that a few hundred of us live outside the U.S. in all corners of the world.

Two weeks ago I returned from a fascinating blogger/citizen journalism tour of Israel’s high-tech sector. Someone I’d been following online, social marketing expert Ayelet Noff, went out of her way to connect us with Israeli bloggers and Web 2.0 gurus (GarageGeeks, anyone?)

In this 9-minute video interview, Ayelet talks about the social media and Web 2.0 scene in Israel. A former New Yorker, Ayelet is a rising star in Web 2.0 circles in Tel Aviv and described some of the companies she’s working with. (Apologies for the lighting � this was the first interview I did on my Samsung hi-def camcorder.)

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