How To Begin Your Video Presentation

by MediaMobz  20 September 2017

Your video presentation should captivate your audience if you are to inspire them to take action, be it use a coupon, order an item, sign up for your email list, visit your blog, etc. The content should resonate well with the audience and “speak” to their inner needs or spark their curiosity. Before starting any video presentation, think of the end goal. What would like to achieve at the end of the presentation? Your goals may be:
  • Get your audience to trust your brand
  • Get prospects to sign up for your service
  • Educate the prospects about a particular subject, etc.
Whatever your goals are, how you present the video will determine the results you will get.

Video Content Structure

When you know your goals, determine how you will deliver the content. By delivery, we are not referring to the physical aspects of the video e.g. audio clarity, proper lighting, etc. These are important. But the message you are delivering is even more important. Successful video presentation relies more on human psychology. Think about it; people are usually interested in activities that benefit them in some way. The benefits may or not be apparent at the time they are consuming the content. For example, you may always look forward to watching the House of Cards to satisfy your curiosity. Kids love cartoons because they feel entertained. Your audience may want to watch an interview to be educated about something. Basically, no one consumes content without the intention of extracting a benefit from it. And this is where you should capitalize. A proven way of making an effective presentation, whether through video or any other content, is by using an analogy that your target audience can relate to. The medical industry has mastered this tactic. At any pharmacy, posters of specific medicines usually indicate how fast the medicine works, what kind of relief it provides, etc. These are usually the highlighted benefits. You won’t see the ingredients of the drugs highlighted. Take a cue from this. Paint a picture that the audience will relate to in your presentation. Your picture should make the audience curious to see how they will benefit from the presentation. For example, a phone company can paint a picture on how not having the proper phone system makes a business lose sales. When it does this, a small business owner will be like, “Yes, I can relate to that.” The next question the business owner would have is, “How can I stop the sales from leaking?” And this is where the phone company introduces its solution e.g. a VoIP phone system.

Captivate Your Audience

You only have a few minutes to captivate your audience to make them want to watch your whole presentation. Therefore, strike hard while the iron is hot. Start your presentation by painting a picture that will make them curious and want to watch more. Reserve your credentials and features of your solution for the closing stage when the audience is ready to take action.

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