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We Talk to Thought Leaders at PRSA 2012 International Conference

by Rachel Toole  25 October 2012

The PRSA 2012 International Conference was complete with good-looking people, which took place at the beautiful Marriott right in the heart of San Francisco. People from all over the United States came to talk about their PR techniques and to learn new ones. MEDIAmobz set up shop amongst the best in the business.

The interns arrived with Hubert ready to work, excited about the event. Their job was to interview people and shoot a little B-Roll. Coming in they set up the interview station near the escalator. But they soon realized, with so many people at the event the station would be in the way. Not wasting any time, they moved the interview station inside the recharging room. It actually turned out to be perfect because they were able to convers with the PR folks and focus on the interviewees. Jay, Dave, and Rachel were on the grind meeting and greeting people and finding interviewees for the interns.

In all, the interns interviewed 12 very interesting and knowledgeable people. Every single person was friendly and got along well with everyone. This event showcased how well the interns work together as a team. They conducted smooth interviews with the help of Rachel and Hubert asking the questions. Drew had an immaculate shooting day. His framing of the shots were perfect, and was giving great suggestions on how to shoot. Jeff was focused; he was working hard on updating and beginning the MOBZxpress pages. He was also helping Hubert find logos from the interviewee companies to use as lower thirds in the video. Marco was setting up the audio logging key points. Rachel and Hubert both conversed very well with the interviewees and were naturals on keeping them comfortable in front of the camera.

The end of the day came quick with such a busy schedule. The hard work was immediately paid off with tasty orderves and drinks. The day couldn’t have ended any more perfect. The mobzxpress pages were finally completed two days following the event. The success was not only shown in the final product, it was evident in the process leading to the final product. This event revealed MEDIAmobz works well as a team.

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