Ultimate Brand Guide to Live-Streaming on Youtube

Google has embraced live streaming video for mobiles. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that you can record a video from your desktop or Internet-enabled device and present it to your target audience in real-time on YouTube. It doesn’t matter where your viewers are when you hit the ‘record’ button because with live streaming being made accessible for smartphone users on the move, reaching them will be easy. When your audience is able to see what is happening at an event or product launch, they will feel more connected to your brand.

Tips and Best Practices

Aligning your brand with your YouTube live-streamed video is essential to build viewership and gain trust from your followers. Here are a few pointers to enhance the YouTube Live experience for your target audience:

  • Pay Attention to Quality – Nobody wants to watch a poor quality video. Why would your viewers stay tuned into your channel if they can find high quality live streaming elsewhere? Don’t let your precious viewers slip away simply because you forgot to focus on quality. Visual and audible quality must be optimum, so that the video can be watched on various devices without problems. This means no delays with the Internet connection, no pixelated frames, and great lighting at all times.
  • Shoot Videos with Suitable Equipment – This best practice goes hand-in-hand with quality. After all, you can’t shoot a high-quality live video with unreliable equipment! Aside from making sure the Internet connection has a bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps, you would benefit from using computers with high CPU, investing in a webcam and microphone, and using a dedicated encoder. Visit the ‘recommendations’ section on YouTube to browse the encoder options, some of which are free and some that you must pay for.
  • Promote Your Live Stream Early – The sooner you start telling people that you will be streaming a video in real-time with YouTube Live, the more people you can expect to tune-in. Of course, there may be a time when you decide to record an impromptu video for YouTube Live however, if you know that an event is on the agenda, early promotion will encourage people to attend or watch the event live on their Internet-enabled device. Log in to your social media accounts and promote, promote, promote at least one week before.
  • Plan and Test – Figure out how to use your equipment properly before the event takes place and test everything to ensure you encounter no technical problems on the all-important day. Select the “Stream Now” option on YouTube Live if you
  • want your video to broadcast continuously for 12 hours. Alternatively, click the “Event” button to stream a video for eight hours. The editing feature is only available for videos less than three hours long, so keep this in mind.
  • Use the Recommended Settings – The encoder, resolution, and bit-rate settings you choose will depend on the equipment you are using. Luckily, YouTube is intelligent enough to detect these settings automatically. Improve the chances of your video being discovered by including a description, thumbnail, title, and caption.

Live streaming truly is the future of social media and if you jump on board now, you will be reaping the rewards for many years to come. Stay on top of video trends to ensure you are consistently generating revenue and retaining your viewers, not to mention your customers.

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