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Build Your Profile and Improve Your Visibility

by MobzPit  28 April 2008

We wanted to update you about some new features on Bid4Vid that we think will help you market yourself better as an independent producer. We hope you’ll take a few moments to increase your ranking on the site.


A new feature on Bid4Vid is the Profile-o-meter, which appears on every producer’s profile page. It’s visible to all visitors on the site. Enhancing your Profile-o-meter score also increases your ranking in the search results. Highlighting your reels and punching up your profile tells the buyer that you’re a serious video producer.

Bid4Vid allows me to easily share reels, clips, and links to my past work, giving buyers the necessary confidence to move forward.
– Marc Salomon

Bid4Vid has made it possible for my profile to be viewed by a wide market of buyers, and potential clients can easily see examples of what I can do for them.
– Rick Giachino

To find your Profile-o-meter, login to Bid4Vid. Click on your “Dashboard” and then click “View/Edit Profile” on the lower left side of the screen.

The easiest way to boost your profile ranking is to:

  • Add two or three of your past videos by selecting the blue “Edit Demo Reels” button on your profile page.
  • Make sure you’ve uploaded a thumbnail image of yourself.
  • Fill in the “Background” field and any other empty fields.


Category labels are another new feature and easy way for your specific talents to get noticed at Bid4Vid. We’ll be prominently showcasing the most creative and compelling demo reels within each category. There are 16 categories now showcased on the front page, covering everything from “Ad/Promotion” to “Political Spots.” So make sure to look for the proper category when adding new reels, and take a moment to go back and mark the category for any existing demo reels.

You’ll also notice that we’ve been working hard to get more jobs into the marketplace. As we get additional buyers on board, we want to make sure we do the best job we can in supporting the quality production services that you, the producers, are providing. Keep checking back — we’ll be adding more features and attracting more jobs in the weeks ahead.

Thanks, and good bidding!

Dave Toole

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