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CES 2016 Trends and Insights

by Jay Durgan  13 January 2016

We journeyed to CES 2016 to update ourselves on technology trends, meet some very interesting people and stress test the beta version of our upcoming product, VideoShare that was built with customer input and the goal of creating real-time content. How’d we do?

CES 2016

“Well, 2016’s an exciting time at CES. There’s autonomous cars. There’s IoT, there’s 3D printing and there’s, I believe, starting to be a major transition in advertising and brand awareness and how people engage with content to move beyond ad blockers.” – Dave Toole, Co-Founder, CEO, MediaMobz

CES Future

“And 3D printing, huge here because it cuts hardware costs down, makes it much more ability to customize fast. Also a lot of stuff is going to be coming back to North America because of our natural gas, incredible low-cost provider position. 100 billion of build-out in the Gulf of Mexico, petrochemical plants, plastic plants. We will not have to go to China, ship stuff around. Make a lot more stuff here.” – David Blumberg, Founder, Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital

Anecdote to Ad Blocking

“We’ll be able to gain from that kind of machine learning to able to then in more natural language processing tell our messages the way in which we’re engaging with consumers, that’s antidote for ad blocking because I’m more relevant to them, I’m adding value, and I’m adding meaning into their life. And that’s a big anecdote. So, we need to, as an industry, both on the ad tech side, the marketing side, be much more focused on how we’re adding relevancy and what are the ways in which we can do that? Again, looking at it through a technology lens, what enables us to look at all of the signals that people are giving out. Being able to synthesize that in more of a natural manner, using machine learning. And making sure that the messages are personalized to them. No, good start. I like that sort of personalization of your story. Personalization is critical. Yeah. And that’s the anecdote to ad blocking.” – Carl Fremont, Chief Digital Officer, MEC

CES 2020

“CES 2020 is a fundamental shift in attention from a marketer’s perspective. We’re seeing it now and I mentioned that the data’s traveling from device to device and then there’s a layer of actually knowing what to do with that data. We’re going to be soon beyond actually having to try to figure that out and that will be done on our behalf, and with that we will be able to fully work within an automated context that opens up just a tremendous amount of new engagement.” – Paul Marcum, President, Truffle Pig

We invite you to view the above guests’ video interviews plus comments by Effie Arditi, Co-Founder, CTO, Erasense, Viktor Ariel, Founder, CEO, Tekoia LTD, Ryan Dowski, Business Support Manager, AARP Services and Geoff Katz, SVP, Design & CXO, Watchwith, here.

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