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[EVENT] Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity – NOV 19, 2015 @ Stanford University

by Jay Durgan  11 November 2015

Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity is a celebration of crowd-sourcing, citizen science, learning at scale and smart workspaces. Presentations will describe insights and opportunities for emerging platforms in education, wellness, knowledge worker productivity, and entertainment.

Topics will highlight open source, collective intelligence and other technologies for data collection, sharing, and collaboration. Discussions will reveal key issues in the human/machine partnership, including decision-making, data management, personalization and security. These transformations are exponential and cumulative, driving collaboration, innovation and productivity.

Panel discussions will include:

• What platform tools and practices will facilitate decision making, system leadership and network orchestration?

• What platform infra structures are needed for efficient, free and secure data exchange in various settings (education, enterprise, medicine)?

• How do we balance productivity, personalization and privacy?

“Platforms enable enterprise software to leap from computers to smart phones in a bring-your-own-device world.”

Complex adaptive Systems of APIs are creating new Platform Economies, with crowd-sourcing, citizen science, learning at scale, and smart spaces. Presentations will discuss a wide range of platforms: knowledge collaboration, open publishing, open education, productivity,crowd sourcing, citizen science, API ecosystems, cognitive computing, e-citizenship, and more. Join us to explore the intersection of these opportunities, as we imagine the next research frontiers for human sciences and information technologies.

“Dave Toole, CEO of MediaMobz will be speaking with thought leaders on collaboration and engagement at Stanford University on November 19, 2015. If you have a moment please join us for a stimulating look at the future and what is being done today to get there.”

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