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NAB 2013 Recap: Innovation, Content Consumption & Collaboration

by Rachel Toole  23 April 2013

NAB is one of the largest annual conferences for the media, film, and entertainment industry. As the lines between still and motion photography continuously overlap, some of the tech from this year’s conference is likely to find its way onto your Christmas list.

Some of the standouts this year include the MōVI handheld stabilizing gimbal, and advanced LED continuous lighting by ArriFiilex, and others. If you are a more avid cinema enthusiast, take a closer look at the Odyssey 7 and Odyssey 7q OLED Monitor and recorder from Convergent Design, and the newBlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Both Adobe Anywhere and Avid Interplay Sphere are bringing true editorial tools to the cloud;  Collaboration and asset management platforms such as 5thkind and Levels Beyond Reach Engine are taking advantage of economies of scale and deploying in cloud environments; and numerous transcoding, storage, and rendering services are coming online.

Regrettably MEDIAmobz missed the Conference this year, but thanks to multiple live stream sources, twitter feeds, and real time updates we felt like we were there. For those who weren’t able to tune in here are a couple video recaps from Vimeo.

Thanks to Vimeo’s Andrea Allen and Olivia Tech!

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